What is UI/UX design? How to choose the right UX design agency

A business thrives on loyal customers and their loyalty depends on how you make them feel. Customer experience is a huge factor in customer retention and plays an important role at every user-facing point of interaction, especially digital interactions. In the digital realm, customer experience translates to how easily they can access certain information on your website/ app or how delighted theyy https://designwebs.com   https://luck8a.net were with the interaction. However, most people tend to assume that a good user interface (UI) will ensure the user experience (UX) would be good. This is incorrect and this article will educate what is UI/UX design, the difference between UI Design & UX Design, and how to use them together to engage your customers.


What is User Interface Design

User interface is all about what your users see on their screen such as the colors, fonts, layouts, visuals, icons, backgrounds, etc. The look, feel, and interactivity of a website or app is considered as the user interface design. It is the concentration of the development, research, content, and layout of a product into creating a consistent, coherent, and aesthetically pleasing interactive experience that visually guides the user through a product’s interface.

What is User Experience Design

User experience design is about creating interactions and products with a human-first approach. User experience transcends digital interactions and deals with the end-user’s interaction with the brand’s products/ services, communication channels, websites, and other avenues. User experience design revolves around how the interaction makes the user feel and how easy the user can accomplish their desired tasks such as:

  • Making a purchase
  • Filling a form
  • Creating an user account

User experience design is not restricted to the visuals & imagery but how it affects the overall feel for the user.

Going by an analogy of a car, the placement of headlights, spoilers, transmission module, and the dashboard design is the user experience design. The seat design, paint color, the rims, position of the handles and the liveries can be considered as user interface design. To keep the customers engaged, UI and UX design needs to work together.


How to use UI and UX together?

In the design process of creating an application or a website, the roles of UX and UI are intertwined. A site or application’s UX elements such as headline, first fold elements, call-to-action, etc., are built on top of its UI design suc